Weekday Weather Forecast – April 5th – April 7th

Good morning, everyone. The week is halfway through, and the weekend is slowly edging closer. I personally can’t wait, especially since the major weather models now tend towards a warm, dry, and sunny weekend, all thanks to a strong high pressure area that will remain static over Ireland over the weekend. That same high pressure area will bring calm and pleasant weather for the rest of this week.

The rest of Wednesday will continue like it started, overcast, with a slight chance of some hazy sunshine. We’re looking at daytime highs of 12-13°C and nighttime lows of 0-1°C, with freezing temperatures possible in rural areas. Rain is pretty much non-existent, there might be some very light drizzle, but even that seems unlikely. Winds will be calm as well.

Thursday will be pretty much identical. The day will start off cold, but temperatures will rise to 12-13°C. Nighttime lows will once again come in at 1-2°C. Clouds will move in during the second half of the day, but the chance of rain remains low. Winds continue to be calm, Force 1-2 should be the maximum,

Friday will mark the start of an upward trend for the temperatures. While mornings will remain cool, daytime highs will climb to 13-14°C, with higher temperatures possible in urban areas. Nighttime lows will increase as well, with 5-6°C. The dry trend will continue, and any existing clouds will have dissipated by late morning, leading to a bright, sunny day.

As mentioned above, the weekend looks rather nice as well. Daytime temperatures are set to exceed 15-16°C, and Saturday at least looks like a thoroughly pleasant, sunny day. Unfortunately, that pleasant trend will not continue into next week, and we’ll be looking at a significant drop in temperatures from Monday onwards.


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