Sunny Weekend Weather Forecast – April 7th – April 9th

Good morning everyone. The weekend is upon us, and it looks like a pretty good one. An area of high pressure above Ireland continues to be relatively stable, although it is drifting east slowly. This will bring noticeably warmer temperatures over the weekend, before a cold front moves in early on Monday morning.

Friday continues in the same pattern that we’ve seen for most of this week. After a chilly start, we’re looking at daytime highs of 12-14°C, and nighttime lows of around 4-5°C. It will be dry throughout the day, and there’s a chance of the current cloud cover lifting by the afternoon, giving way to a rather pleasant day. Winds will be dead calm as well, as the center of that high pressure area is currently right above us.

Saturday will be the best day of the weekend. Temperatures will rise quickly to 15-18°C, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some sheltered spots exceed 20°C in sunshine. And there’s going to be plenty of sunshine, as clouds won’t move in until midnight. This will cause nighttime lows to stall around the 9°C, making for quite a nice night. Winds will still be mostly calm, although they will freshen up once the clouds move in.

Sunday marks a shift in the weather patterns. It will still be relatively warm, we’re looking at daytime highs of around 13-15°C, but a cold front will be moving down from the north as the day goes on, reaching Cork by the evening. Granted, the front is about as weak as a vegan hipster on a diet, so there won’t be any significant rainfall. It will send the temperatures plummeting, though. With nighttime lows dropping to 1-3°C. Winds will also be quite a bit stronger, swinging around to northwest to north and increasing to Force 4-5, with occasional gale force gusts possible.

Long range forecasts for the Easter Weekend are coming in, and the trend appears to be towards a relatively mild, but otherwise unsettled few days. There are still large differences between the weather models though, so I can’t make a definite call just yet.


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