Weekday Weather Forecast – April 10th – April 12th

Good morning, and welcome to a mercifully short week. Weather-wise, the situation is still a bit up in the air. We will see a drop in temperatures towards the second half of the week, but beyond that, there is still quite a bit of variation in the weather models, so it’ll probably be Wednesday before I can make a detailed forecast for the Easter weekend. The one bit of good news is that a storm seems egg-stremely unlikely at this point in time.

Monday will be a nice, if slightly chilly day. We’re looking at daytime highs of around 10-12°C, and nighttime lows of 2-3°C. The risk of rain is extremely low, although cloud cover will increase as the day goes on. Winds will be mostly calm from westerly directions, although they might pick up slightly towards the evening.

Tuesday looks like the best day of the week. Following a chilly start, temperatures will rise to a maximum of 13-14°C, maybe even above that. Nighttime lows will come in at around 6-8°C, so it won’t be quite as chilly overnight. Once again, rain is non-existent. It still won’t be too sunny, though, as high level clouds will continue to obscure the sun. Hazy sunshine is the best we can hope for. Winds continue to be calm and westerly.

Wednesday will bring a slight shift in the weather pattern. Temperatures will once again climb up to 13°C in Cork and along the South Coast, but as the day moves on, a cold front will move down from the north, starting that cooling trend I mentioned in the opening paragraph. I don’t see much in the way of rain coming as far south as Cork, though. Nighttime temperatures will drop to 4-6°C, and winds will freshen up to Force 3-4, swinging around to northwesterly directions.

Beyond that, the cooling trend will continue, and it looks as if the midlands and the west coast will see some rain, but that is still not quite certain. It does look as if Cork will escape dry, which is at least something.


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