Weekday Weather Forecast – April 13th – April 14th

Good afternoon everyone. Sorry about being so late with my weather forecast today, but my morning was packed full with meetings and trainings, and work does take precedence over this blog. Anyway, the outlook for the Easter Weekend has worsened slightly, but there’s no need to start a Rising out of sheer egg-sasperation. It won’t be that bad. In fact, Easter Monday already looks quite nice again, and with a high pressure area squatting down over Ireland, we can look forward to a few more weeks of stable and increasingly warm weather.

Thursday looks set to be nice day. Temperatures will start off at around 7-8°C in the morning and rise to 12-13°C in the afternoon. In fact, the night from Thursday to Friday will remain pretty mild as well, with nighttime lows likely in the double digits around 10°C. There is a slight chance of light rain or drizzle around lunchtime tomorrow, but nothing major. A second, stronger, area of rainfall will move across southern Ireland late on Thursday night and in the early hours of Friday morning, but even that doesn’t look too bad. Winds will remain calm throughout the day, so windchill won’t be a factor.

Friday will start off wet, as the last batches of rain move across the south. It will be a bit cooler, with daytime highs of around 12°C and nighttime lows around 5-6°C. Once that initial batch of rain has cleared, which should have happened around lunchtime, it should remain dry, although cloud cover will likely persist. Winds will remain calm, although some fresh gusts are possible near patches of rainfall.

The outlook for the weekend is mixed. Both days are supposed to be dry, but Saturday will feel distinctly cold, with temperatures remaining in the single digits. Sunday looks a bit warmer again, and by Monday, we could very well be exceeding 15-17°C even outside of urban areas and their heat bubbles. I’ll have more on Friday.


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