Weekday Weather Forecast – April 19th – April 21st

Good morning everyone, and welcome back after the Easter weekend. I hope you all found something to be egg-cited about this weekend, and if not, the weather over the next couple of days should do the trick. Ireland is still in the grips of a strong high pressure area, which will lead to clear skies and mild temperatures all the way to the weekend.

Wednesday started with a bit of could cover, but that quickly cleared, and we’re in for a fantastic day. We’re looking at daytime highs of around 14-15°C, though it will feel warmer in the sun. Clear skies will dominate throughout the first half of the day, before some clouds move in during the afternoon, and rain is pretty much impossible. The clear skies will return in the evening and cause nighttime temperatures to plummet, and we’re talking about temperature minimums of 4-6°C. Winds will be calm throughout.

Thursday will continue along the same lines, with a chilly morning quickly giving way to daytime highs of around 15-16°C. There will be some cloud cover during the afternoon, but rain once again doesn’t look likely, and any clouds should have cleared by late evening. Once again, nighttime temperatures will drop like a stone, with nighttime lows of around 3-5°C.

Friday will once again be a warm day, at least once the chilly morning hours have passed. Daytime highs will once again reach 15-16°C, with nighttime lows of 4-6°C. Cloud cover will be lighter than in the previous days, with only a few high altitude clouds during the afternoon, so once again it will feel warmer than the temperatures indicated. Rain is once again not on the cards.

The weekend currently looks similar, though not quite as warm. Temperatures will start dropping like a stone early next week though, as the high above Ireland collapses and a polar airflow establishes itself. While it is still too far in the future for a precise forecast, strong night frosts of around -2°C, and daytime highs around 3-4°C are somewhat likely.


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