Weekend Weather Forecast – April 21st – April 23rd

Good morning everyone! Let me tell you, I could get used to those four day weeks! Especially, when the weather is as pleasant as it has been over the last few days! Alas, nothing good lasts forever, and while the weekend ahead looks quite nice, next week will see Cork being deep-frozen at night, and seriously chilled during the day.

But let’s take it step by step. Friday actually looks like a nice day. Following a chilly start, temperatures will rise to 15-16°C, with 17°C or more possible in urban built-up areas. Nighttime lows will once again come in at around 3-5°C, so all night outdoor parties aren’t quite recommended yet. While the morning looks quite sunny, cloud cover will thicken from lunchtime onwards, however those clouds will not produce any significant amounts of rain. Most likely, they will produce none at all. Winds will be mostly calm as well.

Saturday will follow the same general principle. After a cold start, temperatures will rise to 14-15°C, with some chances of 16°C in urban areas. Temperatures will start dropping pretty quickly, though, and reach their nighttime lows of 4-5°C shortly after sundown, which is around 9 PM. There is a slight chance of very light rain or drizzle on Saturday afternoon, however any rain should have cleared by late evening. Winds continue to be calm.

Sunday will mark the end of the current spell of mild and pleasant weather. Following yet another chilly start, temperatures in Cork will rise to 15-16°C, with 17°C once again possible in urban areas. Light rain is possible during the second half of the day, although once again, it should have cleared by the late evening. Nighttime lows will once again come in at around 4-5°C. Winds will continue to be mostly calm.

The deep freeze will start from lunchtime on Monday onwards, as a constellation of high and low pressure areas over the Atlantic directs a stream of cold arctic air directly at Ireland. It will also be rainier than in recent weeks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



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