Weekday Weather Forecast – April 26th – April 28th

Good morning. Hope you’re all thawed and warmed up after a pretty chilly start this morning. In case you haven’t noticed yet, Ireland is at the receiving end of a stream of cold air coming in right from the Arctic Ocean around Svalbard. While we will see a shift in the weather patterns over the days leading up to the weekend, these will basically just result in a change in the source of the cold air. Instead of the Arctic Ocean, it will be coming from the Greenland Ice Shield towards the weekend.

Wednesday will continue like it started: pretty damn cold! Daytime highs will not exceed 9°C, and nighttime lows will once again drop down to 0-2°C, with temperatures below zero possible in rural areas. Rain doesn’t seem too likely, although there may be some showers towards the evening. Totals don’t seem to be too high, though. Winds will be calmer as well, following yesterday’s rather turbulent weather.

Thursday will be slightly warmer, with daytime highs of 10-11°C, and nighttime lows coming in at around 4-5°C. It will be mostly dry, once again the only chance of rain will be towards the afternoon, and even then, the rainfall totals don’t look too bad. Winds continue to be relatively calm as well, so all in all, it doesn’t look too bad.

Friday will mark the beginning of a change in weather patterns. While the day will once again start off on a cold foot, temperatures will reach 11-12°C, and nighttime lows of around 6°C will be reached early in the evening, with a warming trend developing later. Rainfall totals continue to be minimal, and any rain that does fall will do so towards the afternoon and evening. Winds will turn to southerly directions at about the same time, and freshen throughout the night, reaching gale force towards Saturday.

The weekend looks turbulent, from the looks of it, gale to storm force winds are very likely on Saturday and Sunday, together with significant amounts of rainfall. The good news is that there is a likelihood of a warm southerly airflow establishing itself from Monday.


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