Weekday Weather Forecast – May 3rd – May 5th

Hello there, and welcome to another glorious day. Enjoy the fine weather while you can, we will be looking at a shift in weather patterns over the next few days. Currently, we’re still at the eastern flank of a large ridge of low pressure stretching from the Azores to Greenland, and bringing up warm air from the waters near Spain and Portugal. However, over the next couple of days, that ridge will snap, and the resulting low pressure area between Ireland and the Azores will bring a cool easterly airflow, and potentially damaging winds towards the weekend.

Wednesday still looks pretty good, though. Daytime highs will rise to 14-15°C following a cold start, and apart from a few high-altitude cirrus clouds in the afternoon, we’ll be looking at uninterrupted sunshine throughout the day. Nighttime lows will come in at around 3-5°C, so we’re looking at another cold night. Winds will be light, with force 2-3 winds from easterly directions dominating throughout most of the day.

Thursday won’t be quite as warm. Following yet another cold morning, daytime temperatures will only rise to 11-12°. However, nighttime lows will only drop to around 8-9°C, so at least the night won’t be quite as chilly. It will be a relatively dull day as well, with cloud cover throughout most of the day. There is a chance of some light rain towards the afternoon, but the rainfall totals don’t look too bad. Winds will be calm for most of the day, although they will start increasing towards the afternoon and evening.

Friday will see a continuation of that cooling trend. Daytime highs will only come up to 10-11°C, with nighttime lows of around 8°C. It will be another dull day, with quite a bit of cloud cover and light rain possible throughout the day. It will also become markedly more turbulent, with easterly winds reaching gale force in coastal regions, and on exposed hillsides. While West Cork and Kerry are most at risk, dangerous gusts are very much likely down here as well.


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