Weekend Weather Forecast – May 5th – May 7th

Good morning and welcome to the weekend. Only a few more hours to go. Granted, the weather doesn’t look like much, but from the looks of the forecast charts, it won’t be as miserable as I had forecast on Wednesday. The low pressure area south of Ireland is shrinking and being pushed towards the Azores, so we’ll probably get around most of the bad weather. As for Sunday and Monday, that weather looks positively amazing.

As far as Friday is concerned, we’re looking at a semi-decent day. Following a rather cool start, temperatures will rise to around 12-13°C. Nighttime lows are coming in at around 8-9°C. It will be a dull, though mostly dry, day. We are looking at rather lively wind speeds of around Force 4-6, with gale force winds possible along the coast. The winds will slacken towards the evening.

Saturday is very much a bipolar day. On one hand, it will remain relatively mild, with daytime highs of around 14°C, and nighttime lows of 6-7°C. A band of rain will approach the coast during the morning, but from the looks of it, it will dissolve before it reaches Cork. While the day will start off windy, winds will continue to slacken throughout the day, and towards the evening, it will be effectively calm.

Sunday will start off cool, before temperatures rise to 16-17°C around lunch. Higher temperatures are likely in urban centers. Nighttime lows will drop back to around 4-5°C. It will be mostly dry, although the odd light shower might bubble up in the warm air. Winds continue to be calm, so it looks as if Sunday will be the best day of the weekend by a large margin.

Next week will continue like Sunday ended, especially Monday looks like an absolutely amazing day. Temperatures will likely drop towards the second half of next week, but it won’t be as bad as this week in all likelihood.


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