Weekday Weather Forecast – May 8th – May 10th

Hey everyone, and welcome to another “exciting” work week. The fact that the weather outside is drop-dead gorgeous certainly doesn’t make the time in the office any easier. The good weather will stay with us for the next few days, though, so there should be plenty of time for everyone to get out and enjoy it before more unstable conditions establish themselves towards the weekend.

Monday started off fine, and it will continue in that matter. A few hazy high altitude clouds are possible towards the evening, but the rest of the day will see uninterrupted sunshine. Following a relatively cool start, temperatures will quickly rise to 16-17°C, with temperatures in urban centers likely above that. Nighttime lows will come in at around 3-5°C. All this will take place in calm winds, so all in all we’re looking at one damn fine day!

Tuesday will be a cooler day according to one weather model, or another warm day if you go with a second weather model, which is what I will do. Following a clear day, it will start to cloud over towards the afternoon, although the worst of the cloud cover appears to be North of Mallow and Fermoy. Following another cool start, we’ll be looking at daytime highs of around 15-16°C, with nighttime lows of around 4-5°C. Rain is not really on the charts and winds remain to be calm, although they will turn southerly and the resulting onshore breeze might cool temperatures a little.

Wednesday looks like it will be on the warmer side as well. We’re looking at daytime highs of 15-16°C, with nighttime lows of around 6-7°C. Once again, the day will start relatively bright, although a bank of clouds will move in around lunchtime. Winds continue to be calm, and rain, wait… what was rain again? I certainly can’t see that on the forecast charts.

Well, at least not until after Wednesday. The second half of the week looks significantly wetter than the first, although temperatures will likely remain in the mid-teens, so at least it will remain mild.


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