Weekend Weather Forecast – May 12th – May 14th

Good morning, everyone. The weekend is almost upon us, and, well, what can I say, I hope you don’t have any plans for outdoor activities. It looks like a wet and possibly thundery weekend. A Low pressure trough is in the process of splitting in two over Ireland. The wedge between those two lows will allow warm, humid air to flow north towards Ireland, bringing a period of prolonged meteorological instability. Sunday and Monday in particular look pretty unpleasant.

Friday will broadly continue the way it started, grey and overcast. Make no mistake, it will get warm, we’re looking at daytime highs of 15-16°C, but it won’t be sunny. From around lunchtime onwards, rain will start moving into Cork. While initially light, rain will increase steadily towards the evening, although the worst of the rainfall will likely pass east of Cork, hitting Waterford and Wicklow. Nighttime temperatures will drop down to 5-6°C, and winds will, for the time being, be calm.

Saturday will be quite a bit more turbulent. Following a cool start, daytime highs will climb to 13-14°C, while nighttime lows will come in at around 5-6°C. Winds will swing around to southerly directions and strengthen, reaching gale force at lunchtime, although they will slacken again pretty quickly. At around the same time, a band of potentially heavy rain will move in, some isolated thunderstorms may very well be mixed in there as well. By nightfall, the rain should have cleared, leading to a generally dry night.

Sunday will start off dry, although light rain will move in during the morning hours. Daytime highs will reach about 14-15°C, with nighttime lows of around 10-11°C. Light rain will persist for most of the day, until a massive area of rainfall moves in towards the evening. Flooding is certainly possible, thunderstorms are very much on the cards, and we’re looking at a short but intense period of gale to storm force winds overnight. In fact, the rain and winds will last well into next week.


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