Weekday Weather Forecast – May 15th – May 17th

Good afternoon, everyone. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s raining! In fact, a Status Orange Rainfall warning came into operation at midnight, and will remain valid until early on Tuesday, so don’t let the occasional gap in the clouds fool you. And while rainfall totals will likely drop as the week goes on, it will still be significantly wetter than the preceding week. The culprit is a complex low pressure system out over the North Atlantic that keeps sending peripheral lows our way, and will remain stable for quite some time.

Following a wet start, Monday will see heavy rain off and on throughout the day, not clearing until the evening. Flooding is very much on the cards in vulnerable locations. It won’t be cold, mind you. Daytime highs of 14-16°C are expected, with higher temperatures possible. Nighttime lows won’t be too bad either, with 12-13°C. Strong southerly winds will make it feel much cooler though, especially during the first half of the day.

Tuesday will be another mild day, with daytime highs of 14-15°C, although nighttime lows will be significantly lowers at 6-7°C. Light rain, as well as the odd thundery shower are very much on the cards during the first half of the day, while things will dry up in the afternoon. Winds will continue to slacken off as well, becoming pretty much dead calm towards the afternoon.

Wednesday will be another wet day, with rain starting mid-morning, and lasting throughout the day. Rainfall totals are relatively low though, so unless there is a major shift in weather patterns, it won’t be too bad. Following a cool start, temperatures will once again peak at around 14-15°C, with nighttime lows of 4-5°C. Winds will continue to be calm.

Beyond Wednesday, we’re looking at another peripheral low barreling through on Friday, so the turbulent wet pattern will continue for the foreseeable future. Sorry about that.


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