Weekday Weather Forecast – May 17th – May 19th

Hey, everyone. Sorry about the delay in publishing the current forecast, but there were some urgent matters that demanded my undivided attention this morning. As alluded to in my weather bulletin on Monday, we’re in for a period of prolonged instability over the next few days, and into early next week. This is due to a low pressure area that is currently southeast of Iceland, but will zigzag back and forth over the next few days, before ending over Ireland on Saturday.

The rest of Wednesday will be a mixed bag. On one hand, the promised areas of prolonged rains have failed to develop overnight, on the other hand, Met Éireann’s rainfall radar is already showing a series of potentially thundery showers boiling up over the “highlands” of west Cork. There will likely be more as the day goes on. The mild temperatures certainly help, with daytime highs of 14-16°C, and nighttime lows of 5-6°C. It won’t be too windy, except in the vicinity of thundery showers.

Thursday will be a noticeably cooler day, with daytime highs of just about 12-13°C, and nighttime lows of 3-4°C. It will also be a wet day, with light rain possible at any time, and an area of strong to severe rainfall moving through towards the afternoon and evening. Like today, there’ll be a strong convective element to the rainfall, so thundery showers as well as full-blown thunderstorms are possible, although it still won’t be too windy.

Friday will be another relatively mild day. Daytime highs will climb to 12-14°C, and nighttime lows will be around 6-7°C. It will also be another wet day, as yet another area of rainfall moves in from the Atlantic around lunchtime. While the worst of the rain appears to be confined to east Cork, there is a significant potential for heavy downpours in Cork as well. And, unfortunately, Friday will be setting the general tone for the weekend, which will see rainfall all through Saturday and Sunday.


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