Weekend Weather Forecast – May 19th – May 21st

Hey and happy Friday, everyone. Congratulations, you’ve made it through another week at work, and the weekend is almost upon you. With a low pressure area lurking off the coast of Ulster, it won’t be too nice from a weather standpoint, however. While we’re not going to be dealing with torrential rain, the weekend will very definitely be wet.

Friday will be a mostly mild day, with daytime highs of around 12-14°C, and nighttime lows of 4-6°C. The morning will be mostly dry, however, an area of rainfall will move in around lunch, producing sustained, and increasingly heavy rainfall throughout the afternoon, growing increasingly showery, and potentially thundery towards the evening. Winds will be generally calm, although they can freshen up considerably in the vicinity of thundery showers.

Saturday will start off dry, but light rain will move into the Cork area in the later hours of the morning. This rain will stay with us throughout the day, intensifying towards the afternoon. It will likely peter off towards the evening, and the night as such looks deceptively dry. It will be slightly warmer, with daytime highs of 14-16°C, and nighttime lows of 8-9°C

Sunday will be slightly drier, with most of the rain confined to the western coastal regions and the north. That being said, light, possibly showery rain is possible throughout the day, although it looks like it will die out towards the evening. From around midnight, another band of rain will move through, although that will mostly affect Cork on Monday morning. It will once again be mild, with highs of 13-15°C and lows of 11-12°C. Winds will continue to be calm.

The outlook for next week is actually quite good. While daytime highs on Monday will still be around 16°C, they will climb to 20°C and more by Wednesday. It will also become increasingly drier as the week goes on, although the detail are still unclear.


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