Weekday Weather Forecast – May 22nd – May 24th

Good Morning from a beautiful, sunny Amsterdam. While I’m heading out of the country for a week, it seems that summer is moving into Cork. That pesky low pressure area that gave us such grief over the last week or so is moving away northwards, making way for a stable high pressure area that should keep most of the bad weather away from the Rebel county.

Lots of blue in Schiphol this morning, and I don’t mean the KLM Cityhopper fleet.

Monday will still be a day of two halves. It started with low clouds and drizzle, which I found out the hard way while boarding, but it was already relatively mild, around 12 degrees. Temperatures will only rise from there, and should reach 16-17 degrees by lunchtime. Nighttime lows will be moderate as well, with temperatures of around 9-11 degrees. There is still a chance of some light rain or drizzle, as Cork catches the tail end of a warm front, but in general, it looks like a pretty decent day weather-wise.

Tuesday will see a continuation of the warm and relatively dry weather. Daytime highs will come in at around 20 degrees, while nighttime lows will come in at around 10-12 degrees. Rain won’t be much of an issue, and will become even less so, as the day, and the week progresses. Winds will be calm as well, making for a nice early summer day.

Wednesday will be the warmest day of the week so far. Temperatures will reach 20 degrees by lunchtime, and daytime highs will likely be higher than that. I’d say that 22-23 degrees are possible, more in urban areas. Rain will not be an issue, as high pressure continues to build, and it looks as if the warm temperatures will extend well into the evening. Perfect weather for a pint or ten in the beer garden of your local pub.

This will likely be the worst weather Cork will have to deal with over the next couple of days! 🙂 

The rest of the week looks like it will follow in the same general pattern. The center of the high pressure area over Ireland will move to the UK, so a few rain bands might be possible in the second half of the week, but in general, the good weather looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. Right when I’m out of the country….


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