Weekend Weather Forecast – May 26th – May 28th


Good morning everyone from sunny Speyer in Germany! Summer is well and truly here in the southwest of Germany, and the last days have been sunshine non-stop for the most part. In fact, it looks like we’re going to crack the 33 degree mark before I leave on Sunday. As for Ireland, the last few days have apparently been okay-ish, not as warm, but at least not soaking wet. I’m afraid that’s not going to continue into next week, though.

Friday will be a bit of a mixed bag, with two different weather systems pushing against each other. It will be mild, with daytime highs coming in at around 17-20 degrees, and nighttime lows of 13-14 degrees. Rain is very much on the cards though, Met Éireann’s rainfall radar  is already tracking a band of rain moving into Ireland from the Atlantic, with some extremely heavy downpours on the way for the Clare coastline as well as West Cork. While the front will for the most part stall over the western seaboard, new rain will develop over Cork during the late afternoon, turning heavy and possibly thundery overnight.

Saturday will see any rain move away northwards in the early morning hours, making room for what appears to be a pretty fine day. Daytime highs of around 19-21 degrees are on the cards, with higher temperatures likely in urban areas. It will be chilly at night, with nighttime lows of around 7-9 degrees. Rain will not be an issue at all, and while it will not be pure, uninterrupted sunshine, any cloud cover will be thin and at high altitudes, so it won’t feel too gloomy.

Sunday will broadly follow the same pattern. Following a chilly start, daytie highs will once again come in at around 19-20 degrees, with higher temperatures again possible in urban areas. Nighttime lows will once again be rather chilly, with 9-10 degrees. For the most part, rain won’t be an issue. Some isolated rainshowers an possibly thunderstorms will bubble up over the mountains of Kerry and West Cork during the afternoon and evening, but they will remain confined to that general area of the country.

As for next week, early indications show a bit of a bi-polar week. Monday and Tuesday look warm, with temperatures on Monday easily topping 20 degrees, while the second half of the week looks distinctly cooler and wetter. As for the June Bank Holiday weekend, all bets are off at this stage.

As far as my local weather here in Speyer is concerned, the sunshine will likely continue uninterrupted well into next week. Daytime highs are expected to peak at 27 degrees today, and reach 31 degrees on Saturday as well as the aforementioned 33 degrees on Sunday, as a high pressure area over the continent intensifies.


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