Weekend Weather Foreacst – June 2nd – June 4th

Good Morning, and welcome to the weekend. While it won’t be as great as the current sunshine might imply, it will be far from horrendous, especially if you’re lucky to enjoy the entire bank holiday weekend, like yours truly 😉 Ireland continues to sit at the edge of a large low pressure area over the North Atlantic, which means that for the time being, changeable and potentially wet weather will continue to dominate.

Friday will actually be quite a good day once the early morning fog has dissipated. Temperatures will rise to 16-17°C, while nighttime lows will drop to 7-8°C. It will remain mostly dry, although a few light showers are possible in the afternoon and evening. They shouldn’t amount to much in the way of rainfall, though. Winds will be calm initially, but freshen up to around Force 3-4 later during the day and towards the afternoon.

Saturday will broadly follow the pattern set by Friday. Following a chilly start, daytime highs will come in at around 15-16°C, while nighttime lows will be around 7-8°C. An area of heavy rainfall will move across Cork in the early hours of Saturday morning, but that should have mostly cleared by daybreak. Another area of rainfall will move into Western Ireland towards the late afternoon, but there should be some significant dry spells in there as well. Winds will continue to come from westerly directions at Force 3-4, easing off towards the evening.

Sunday will mark the beginning of a change in weather patterns. Winds will shift to southerly directions from lunchtime onwards, and will increase to gale force towards the evening, although the worst of the storms won’t hit until Monday. Temperatures will be in the same range as the last few day, daytime highs will come in at around 15-16°C, while nighttime lows will come in at around 12-13°C. It will feel colder due to the increasing wind speeds, though. It will stay mostly dry, with light showers being the worst we can expect. However, Monday looks like one hell of a rainy and stormy day, so prepare for that!


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