Weekend Weather Forecast – Junbe 9th – June 11th

Good morning. For those of you that hit the pub yesterday, I hope your head doesn’t feel too sore. The weather over the next few days will do nothing to ease any hangovers, to be frank. We’re looking at a prolonged spell of chaotic weather as Ireland remains on the southwestern flank of a large Atlantic Low. This situation is going to persist until early next week at the earliest. In fact, the Ocean to City race has been cut down to just the city course between Blackrock Castle and City Hall because of the turbulent weather.

Friday will be a split day. It started off pretty sunny, and sunshine will persist on and off until the early afternoon. However, by around 3PM the first part of a large rain band will move into Cork. This will intensify over the rest of Friday, and stay with us until Saturday Morning. Spot flooding is very much possible, especially since the ground is still wet. Winds will swing around to southerly directions once the rain arrives, and increase to Gale force. Strong gales are possible in unprotected coastal areas. Temperatures will reach a maximum of 16-18°C, before dropping back to around 12-13°C overnight.

Saturday is going to start off wet. The rain area I mentioned above won’t clear Cork until around 9 AM, by which time a more showery weather pattern will establish itself. It will remain windy throughout, with southwesterly winds of Force 5-6 blowing throughout the day. It will feel cooler than in the previous days, with daytime highs of 15-17°C, and nighttime lows of 11-12°C being tempered by a rather significant wind chill factor.

Sunday will see a continuation of the windy, showery pattern. Rainfall totals don’t look too bad, but they’ll still be enough for a thoroughly wet day. It will be cooler again, with daytime highs of 14-16°C and nighttime lows of 10-11°C. All of this will be compounded by continuing strong southwesterly winds that will turn westerly and actually increase for a time during the afternoon.


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