Weekday Weather Forecast – June 14th – June 16th

Good morning. Sorry for the lack of a forecast on Monday, but I had my hands full with meetings and conference calls, and simply did not have any time for it. Not that there has been much to forecast, the last few days have been rather nondescript from a meteorological point of view. That will change over the next few days, as a ridge of high pressure begins to build south of Ireland, keeping the usual North Atlantic Storms away from Ireland and even enabling something resembling a summer over the weekend.

Wednesday will still follow the established rhythm, though. It will be reasonably mild, with daytime highs of 17-18°C, and nighttime lows of around 11-12°C. The day will be mostly dry, but a band of rain attached to a cold front will move through towards the evening. The rain doesn’t look too bad, but might be pretty persistent. Winds will freshen up during the passage of the front, but should be calm otherwise.

Thursday will be pretty unsettled in the aftermath of the cold front. Daytime highs will peak at around 13-15°C, with nighttime lows coming in at 11-12°C. Rain showers are possible throughout the day, particularly towards the afternoon, and it will feel noticeably cooler as well. Winds will have slackened off compared to the previous day, however strong gusts are possible in the vicinity of showers.

Friday will mark the turning point. Following a chilly start, temperatures will exceed 20°C by lunchtime, with 22-23°C possible. Nighttime lows will come in at around 9-10°C. It will be a dry day, and a sunny day as well. There may be a few high level clouds during the afternoon, but that should be all. Winds will be mostly calm as well, so all in all we’re looking at a pretty nice day.

The weekend will be similarly warm, so get out there and enjoy the sunshine while you can, as temperatures will drop again next week.


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