Sunny Weekend Weather Forecast – June 16th – June 18th

Good morning, everybody! Ready for a nice, sunny weekend? Because that’s what’s just around the corner. Over the last day and night, a high pressure ridge has been building between the Azores and Britain, establishing a flow of warm air along its northwestern flank, which is right where Ireland is. At the moment, the ridge looks like it’ll be stable for at least three to four days, however, given the inherently stable nature of high pressure areas, it wouldn’t surprise me if the current situation persisted for longer.

Friday started off nice and warm, and will continue in that fashion. Daytime highs will come in at 22-24°C, with nighttime lows of 10-11°C, all underneath a clear sky. Consequently, the chance of rain is pretty much zero, and winds will mostly be calm as well. All in all, we’re looking at a nice day to kick off the weekend.

Saturday will follow along the same general lines. Following a cool morning, temperatures will rise rapidly, peaking at around 22-23°C, with urban areas feeling markedly warmer. Once again, there will hardly be any cloud in the sky, and winds will be calm. One bit of advice, though: Temperatures will start dropping pretty quickly once the sun goes down, leading to nighttime lows of around 9-10°C, so be ready for that.

Sunday will really live up to the “Sun” in its name as well. We’re looking at daytime highs of 22-24°C, and nighttime lows of 8-9°C. Once again, there will hardly be a cloud in the sky, and rainfall is pretty much impossible. Winds continue to remain calm as well, although local onshore breezes can’t be ruled out.

This pattern will, according to the current model guidance, continue well into next week, with the highest temperatures of this warm spell not occurring until Monday or Tuesday. However, clouds and humidity will increase early next week as well, and significant thunderstorm activity is very much on the cards for Tuesday. I’ll keep you updated as that situation develops.


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