Weekday Weather Forecast – July 17th – July 19th

Good afternoon, and sorry for the delay. I was busy this morning, and am only now getting around to the forecast. Not that there was anything dramatic to forecast in the short term. In fact, temperatures are set to rise even further over the next few days as Ireland remains under the influence of a stable high pressure ridge over the North Atlantic. This ridge does show signs of weakening and collapsing from Thursday onwards, with a return to a more changeable northwesterly regime, but that is still not certain.

The rest of Monday will continue the way it started. It is nice and warm, with temperatures of around 20-22°C, with more possible in urban areas. Clouds are not very likely, even at night, causing temperatures to drop rather quickly tonight, with lows of 9-10°C possible. Rain is not on the cards, and winds will remain light throughout the day and well into Tuesday.

As far as Tuesday itself is concerned, it will easily be the warmest day of the week. Temperatures will start rising rapidly once the sun comes up and peak at 23-25°C. The night will remain mild, with nighttime lows of 14-16°C. This is due to an area of clouds that will start moving into Ireland on Tuesday evening, ahead of a weak low pressure trough. Rainfall is still rather unlikely, but not as impossible as on Monday.

Wednesday will mark the transition to a more changeable weather pattern, as the effects of the low pressure trough I mentioned above become more pronounced. Cloud cover will be much more prevalent throughout the day as daytime highs struggle to grow beyond 20°C. Perversely, the first half of the day, until lunch will be the warmer, with daytime highs being reached around 11:00-11:30. The second half will be noticeably cooler, with just about 11-12°C at sunset, and nighttime lows of 6-7°C. It will still be mostly dry, although winds will pick up, reaching Force 4-5 in the afternoon.

As for the second half of the week, get ready for thunderstorms and possibly a storm!


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