Weekend Weather Forecast – Oct. 20th – Oct. 22nd

Hello everyone. Sorry for yet another late forecast, but I’ve been rather busy at work lately. However, given what will happen over the next few days, I’m sure as hell not going to miss a chance to write down my own take on it. To be concise and to the point, yep, storm Brian is coming our way, and in my eyes, it will cause quite a bit more damage than some people may appreciate. The ground is fully saturated with water, meaning that any further rainfall will go straight into the river systems. In addition, tree root systems and power mast foundations, many already weakened thanks to Ophelia, will not be held in place as well by the wet ground, so I expect an unusually high number of downed trees and damaged power lines for such a relatively weak system.

Friday started off relatively cool and calm, with some breathtaking sunrises all over the county. Daytime highs will rise to around 13-14°C. Then, from around lunchtime onward, another band of heavy rain will move in from the southwest, ahead of the arrival of Brian later that evening. From the arrival of the rain onward, winds will start to swing around to southerly directions and gradually increase, although they likely won’t reach dangerous levels before midnight. The night will at least be relatively mild, with lows of 10-11°C.

Saturday will see the winds swing around to first westerly and then northwesterly directions, strengthening to strong gale, and potentially storm force in all but the most sheltered locations. Rain will continue, but it will be more showery and localized than on Friday. It will be significantly cooler, with daytime highs of just around 10-11°C, and nighttime lows of around 7-8°C. Strong winds will stay with us until the afternoon and evening, so it will feel pretty raw outside on Saturday.

Sunday will still be relatively chilly, with daytime highs of 12-13°C, though nighttime lows will stay at that level. It will thankfully be a mostly dry day, and winds will have eased as well, giving some much needed breathing space. Another band of heavy rain will move in from around 1800h onwards, so we’re in for another wet and miserable night.


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