Weekday Weather Forecast – September 12th – September 14th

Good morning everyone, and welcome to a glorious, if chilly Wednesday here in the Rebel County. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, because the latest model runs both by GFS and ECMWF, my go-to weather models, expect a significantly more turbulent period from the weekend onward, as the Azores High collapses, and North Atlantic low-pressure areas become the dominant weather system over Ireland. In fact, both models forecast a significant wind & rain event on Tuesday or Wednesday next week as the extratropical remnants of Hurricane Helene hit Ireland, with only twelve hours difference between the models. Given ECMWF’s proven track record in forecasting such events reliably, I’m attaching some serious credibility to this long term forecast.

Going back to more immediate concerns, Wednesday started off bright and cool. Following this rather chilly start, daytime highs will peak at 15-17°C, before dropping back to 5-6°C overnight. It will be a dry day, and most of the remaining clouds should have cleared by lunchtime, making for a rather nice, if cool, day. Winds will be mostly calm as well, so that’s nothing to worry about either.

Thursday will continue the cooling trend, with daytime highs of just 14-16°C, and night-time lows of around 9-10°C. The day will start off dry and bright, although clouds will move in towards the afternoon. There might be some light rainfall in those clouds, but I’m not too worried about that. Winds will mostly be calm as well.

Friday will see the weather beginning to change as the pressure begins to drop. Daytime highs will reach 16-18°C, while night-time lows will drop to 8-9°C. The day will start off cloudy, although those clouds should be clear by lunchtime. Once again, we’re also looking at a calm and dry day, which is just as well as the weekend here in Cork will be nothing short of atrocious, with significant rainfall all through Saturday and Sunday.

Please note that I will be putting out an advisory regarding Hurricane Helene and its effects on Ireland later today.


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