Weekend Weather Forecast – September 14th – September 16th

Good morning, and welcome to the calm before the storm(s)! We are looking at a period of very unsettled weather, with storms likely pretty much every second day for the entirety of next week, starting on Saturday. A North Atlantic storm system will move through on Saturday, likely followed by the remains of Hurricane Helene on Monday or Tuesday, which will in turn be followed almost immediately by another North Atlantic storm system on Wednesday or Thursday. While Helene’s path is still a bit unsure, I’m pretty sure that we’re in for some spectacular weather over the next couple of days.

Friday started off calm, with a bit of rain mixed in. IT started off mild, but temperatures won’t climb too high, with daytime highs of around 16°C expected. Night-time lows will drop down to around 9-10°C. Rain will continue throughout the morning, becoming heavy for a time, before clearing by the early afternoon, and winds will remain mostly calm for the time being.

Saturday will also start off calm, deceptively calm and dry, in fact. Daytime highs will come in at 16-18°C, while night-time lows will drop down to 9-10°C. The morning half of the day will be the literal calm before the storm, because from lunchtime onward, winds will start swinging around to southerly directions, intensifying throughout the afternoon, and reaching gales force, with storm force gusts possible in exposed coastal locations. Wind speeds will peak in the late evening, before dropping overnight. An area of strong rainfall will move through along with the winds, making for a pretty shitty day… unless you’re a storm lover that is 😉

Sunday will be a bit of a breather, with winds being calm throughout the day. Daytime highs here in Cork will reach 17-19°C, while night-time lows will drop to 10-12°C. Sunday also looks like a dry day, although I’m not expecting much in the way of sunshine, with clouds dominating throughout. As for the rest of the week, well, I’ll be putting out an updated Severe Weather Advisory later today.


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