Meteorology has long been one of my interests, although it is very much an acquired taste. For years, I’ve been doing ad-hoc forecasts for friends and colleagues, something which increased dramatically here in Ireland, which gets a LOT of weather, usually of the wet and windy variety. The whole thing escalated since I joined my current employer and I’m now posting regular weather forecasts on the noticeboard in our office. This blog is my attempt to put my forecasts on a more regular pattern and bring them to a wider audience. Anything weather-related will end up here.

It is quite a sign of the times that I have to spell this out, but this blog contains my personal interpretations of weather model predictions. As I am not a trained meteorologist, these interpretations may not always be terribly precise. Therefore, and because of the inherently chaotic nature of weather patterns, I cannot, and will not take any guarantee for the accuracy of these forecasts, and I accept no liability whatsoever arising from the effects of my forecasts.